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Project outcomes


Forgotten Borderlands – 50 years of landscape development through the eyes of archeology

Muzeum Českého lesa v Tachově (1. 10. – 31. 10. 2017)

Národopisné muzeum Plzeňska (13. 6. 2018 – 29. 7. 2018)

Stadtmuseum Weiden (3. – 28. 9. 2018)

Otherness in Pilsen region

virtual exposition of Tachov region in the second half of the 20th century

Muzeum Českého lesa v Tachově  (od 12/2018 – permanent exhibition)


Worksheets are created continuously with each presented project activity. They will be offered to Primary schools in the cross-border region at the end of the project together with a methodological didactic guide how to work with them. The worksheets reflect the elaborated topics as the Iron Curtain, Czech-German Relations, Traditional Regional Food etc.

Virtual educational nature trail

Exhibitions mapping forgotten places in Tachov region will extend the presentation of the processed material into a virtual educational trail in the surrounding border landscape, which will motivate visitors to leave the museum and go out to look for more information. The trail will present extensive text and photo material in relation to the places visited.