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Freisleben´s collection

“Homeland on the border” is a critical edition of the so-called Freisleben´s collection. The book focus on years 1945-46 in the Tachau region. The Freisleben Collection of Chronicles is a comprehensive collection of prints and memories that was carefully gathered by Alfred Freisleben, local author born in Paulusbrunn but after WW2 displaced from Tachov region. Our Czech-Bavarian team of experts form an edition from this large set of memories that allow readers to take a look into post-war years in the region through the eyes of those who had to leave. Source materials will be fully published on the additional CD. The Critical Edition is not only a reader of the best of Freisleben’s collection, but also provides readers with a broad introduction to the context and guide him how to read the source and understand it. The expulsion of the local German inhabitants is the main topic of this issue but it encapture it by the bottom-up view of participating actors, whose memories were collected right after this period. The book can be purchased from the Museum in Weiden and other local Museums.